How and Why to Hydromulch Your Lawn

13 November 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Hydro mulching is one of the easiest ways to plant your lawn. It has become popular in recent years because it is quick and effective. A good hydromulching service will have the benefits of evenly distributing the seeds and allowing them to germinate quickly. Although it can be slightly more expensive than regular seeding, the benefits outweigh the costs, with thick coverage of grass that is ready for mowing within three weeks. 

Who should hyrdomulch?

Hydromulching is a method of planting grass, so it is appropriate for those with fresh, unplanted land. Alternatively, those who want a new lawn can use it once their old grass is removed. Anyone who wants thick, even coverage of grass on their land should consider adopting this process.

What kind of land is appropriate?

The climate in which you live can change the amount of mulch required. Cool climates require less mulch, while hot climates require more. This is because of the different rates of evaporation. Don't worry if your land is hilly or uneven, as hydro mulching is one of the best processes for grassing steep or uneven surfaces due to the quick germination. Even land with erosion will be helped by hydro mulching. 

How does it work?

Hydro mulching involves combining mulch, water, seeds, and fertilizer into the 'slurry' mixture. After these are mixed together, they are placed in a spray tank and sprayed across the soil. The high moisture content of the slurry helps to prevent evaporation, holding the moisture in and allowing the seeds to grow into grass quickly. 

How can I hydromulch my land?

Preparing for the process of hydromulching is the same as with regular grass planting. The soil will need to be prepared and graded before hydro mulching can begin. Finding a good hyrdromulch service in your area is important, as they can provide advice which is tailored to your land specifically. They might give you specific instructions for your land in order to get the best coverage with their slurry. Usually, the company you hire will do the seeding for you, but other companies will simply let you hire a hydroseeding machine to do the work. 

What benefits does it have?

Preventing erosion, getting even coverage of grass, and fast growing time are the three main benefits of hydro mulching. With that in mind, it is still important to find a good hydro mulching company to make sure that the slurry mixture you receive is appropriate for your land.