Everything You Should Know About the Installation and Use of a Pontoon Pump Station

30 September 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Challenges in the environment lead to the invention of most of the machinery and systems used to solve simple but stubborn problems. A pontoon pump station is one of the simple and most practical dewatering solutions you can find out there. The engineers behind the design created it so it can float on water bodies like rivers, lagoons and streams. It has a wide range of applications, from the mining industry, to managing wastewater and the water supply. Unlike the other water management system, the pontoon pump station is easy to install, and the floating design minimizes any adverse effect it might have on the environment. Here is what you should all know about using pontoon pump stations before installing one. 

Consider your Application Beforehand 

As mentioned, you can use this technology for many applications. They generally fall under two categories, water supply and dewatering. If you want to use the system for water supply, the design will be a little different than waste management. Discuss your intentions with the company setting up the pontoon pump for you. They are the best to help you choose the setup whose components will efficiently serve your intended function.

Assess the Conditions of your Site

You cannot successfully handle an installation unless you understand the site conditions. Ignoring the site conditions will have a direct impact on the efficiency of the machinery. A pontoon pumping station floats over water, making it crucial for you to find out the level of buoyancy it will experience on your selected site. Investigate the water levels and whether they are subject to frequent changes. The installation team can help make modifications to prevent the pump from falling apart or losing its functionality when the water level rises or falls. 

Find Out If You Are Allowed to Install One

Installing a dewatering system over a water body comes with various potential risks to the environment. For example, a leakage in a wastewater management system could lead to the water getting contaminated. Therefore, you should always check with the local authorities and relevant environmental bodies before installation. Ensure you understand regulations and get crucial permits to avoid mistakes and future liabilities. 

These are some of the crucial things to have in mind before installing a pontoon pumping station. The most important thing is following guidelines from the relevant authorities before and during the installation for maximum safety and efficiency.  

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